Three ways your website will help you increase in store sales.

Encouraging people to venture inside your shop or restaurant for a closer look is a top priority for every business owner with customer-facing premises. But getting customers from behind the device into the store can be a tricky situation. We’ve asked our community what works best for them, here are a few insider tips.

  • Use your website to promote special deals.

Every business has a website but the trick isn’t selling online, it’s getting to consumers to the store. Use your website’s home page to promote special deals or promotions. If you’re a restaurant, offer treats on days your foot traffic is lowest.…

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How Linking Your Website and Social Media Platforms Can Increase Your Reach

It’s no secret that having an online presence – both a website and social media – is becoming a vital part of any business’s strategy. Much like your offline and online marketing tactics, your website and social media should be sharing the same message. To really utilize having an online presence you need to ensure website visitors can see your social media and vice-versa. 

We took a look at three ways that linking your social media to your website will help you increase your reach.

  • Increasing your Search Results
    Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram have become great channels for sharing content and once your content is out there and gets engagement, it gets traffic.
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Four Benefits of A Mobile Optimized Site

Technology is ever changing, since the introduction of the internet users now are able to do research, shop or communicate on any device they choose. Tablets, laptops, gaming devices, watches, and mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular as a way for visitors to find your website. In order to provide mobile web users with the best experience, website owners are pursuing mobile-friendly responsive websites and mobile web expansion to ensure that their website is optimized for use across all devices.

We took a look at why small businesses need to ensure that their websites are mobile optimized.

  1. Mobile Phone Usage Has Increased

Recent studies indicated that mobile browsing has increased from 40% in 2016 to 63% in 2018, this means that businesses should ensure that their website in optimized for usage across all devices.…

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Five Reasons Why A Business Website Is Important

A website is an essential part of your business growth. The internet is a world away from old school marketing methods and if you are not online, you’re losing out on great opportunities for your business. An online presence can mean a dramatic boost in sales, increasing the number of people that “visit” your store front significantly daily.

Not convince that a website is the right move for your “small business”, let’s break it down for you.

  • Helps You Gain Credibility
    As a small business, an online presence will signify you as an industry leader in your local area. Customers look for products or brands they trust and that have a good reputation, a website that includes testimonials for previous clients will strengthen your chances to gain new business and ultimately increase your returns.
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Five Reasons Why Your Website is Helping you Lose Business

The internet can be a gold mine for local businesses but for some, a website is actually deterring customers. We took a look at five reasons why this might be happening and what you can do to fix it.

  • You Don’t Have a Website
    Yes, we understand that you are busy and getting a website up and running is difficult. But, if you don’t have a site, customers researching product or services in your area will not be able to find you. And no, social media platforms don’t count.

If you know your way around designing, use DIY services to create a simple website or save your valuable time and hire a professional service that offers hosting so that you don’t ever lose your unique web address.…

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